We are a Madera-based service shop dedicated to providing quality services to ensure your
favorite vehicle will not run any problems!



It's another hot sunny day and your windows just won't cut it; Only to find out that the AC just doesn't work.

Come swing by our repair shop and we'll have it fixed for you so you can go enjoy your summer trips!


Every vehicle has a recommended mileage intervals in which you should change the oil. Changing your engine's oil regularly keeps it on optimal performance.

Our shop will help you maintain reliability by changing the engine oil for you.


Brakes are just as important as maintaining the engine or any part of the vehicle. That's why your brakes has to be  serviced regularly to keep you safe.

Our shop provides a comprehensive service to make sure your brakes are up to spec.


Does your vehicle have poor mileage or sluggish? Little did you know, your car has been aware of it way before you do.

Our shop provides an advanced suite for diagnostics combined with physical inspections to spot issues before it arises.


Behind every good car is a good computer called the ECU (Engine Control Unit). These monitors your car performance and keeps it optimal, but sometimes, these too will require attention.

Our shop can help perform tune-ups to aid the ECU to maintain performance and efficiency throughout your car's lifetime.


Feel your car is not driving straight? We can help you with that. We provide the following services to fix your vehicle's front end:

* Wheel Alignment
* Frame Alignment
* Axle Alignment

... And much more!


624 N Gateway Dr, Madera, CA 93637